>Teacher Bouquet Day at Preschool Garden

> The morning started out overcast, which was perfect as my first visitors to the garden were kept cool.  Some approached boldly, dragging their parents behind.  Others were a bit more shy.

“Do you want to pick some flowers for your teacher?”  I would ask them.  Every single one of them nodded.  Today is Teacher Bouquet Day at the preschool garden.  We have so many beautiful things growing right now that the idea was easy to grab on to.  As kids and parents arrive, they can stop in the garden and pick a small bouquet of flowers and herbs to bring in to their teachers.  We dropped off a vase in each class this morning so the teachers can add to their bouquet with each gift, ending up with a great arrangement.  

Some kids knew exactly what they wanted.  “I want that red one, ” one little boy told me, pointing to a bright red zinnia.  The girls usually requested the purple cosmos, so frilly and fun.  I would add stems of rosemary to some of the bouquets, letting the kids know that this was something that was added to their favorite dish- PIZZA.  I heard one little boy tell his mom, “Smell it, it’s a pizza herb.”  I added oregano and lemon basil to others, knowing the aromas would be great in the classrooms.  I also added the profuse but delicate blooms of trailing verbena to add some weight  to the bunches.   It was a wonderful chance to show little ones how special it is to give flowers to someone and to show your appreciation for all they do.

Some parents stuck around for a bit, letting their kids show them the cucumbers hanging off the trellis or the bell peppers.  One little boy just wanted to show his parents all of the roly polies.  And my little friend Nicole wanted to make sure she got one bouquet for her teacher…and one for her daddy.  I hope that dad feels extra special today.  


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