Because gardens can always grow…

We are so excited to be starting another year in the Titan Garden at River Place Elementary.  Another year of planting seeds and plants.  Another year of stomping wildflowers only to see them emerge in the spring with an explosion of color.  Another year of teaching kids where food comes from and how we can care for the environment around us.

But we want to do so much more, like help fund student garden art and other projects for the garden.  And that’s where YOU can help.  Green Ribbon Schools is a fantastic organization that encourages school to promote healthy living, connections with nature and outdoor play and study to promote a student’s growth and development. 

Green Ribbon Schools is trying to promote their organization and to do so, they are giving away $250 to 2 school PTA organizations.  To win, we have to get the most people visiting the Green Ribbon Schools Facebook page.  Just click on “like” and post a comment to the wall reading “River Place Elementary, Austin TX”

So take a moment right now and post our school name to help us win $250-and watch our garden grow!

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