>Here we go…up and up!

>  Macho Mocha…you can’t get a much better name for a plant than that.  It just rolls off the tongue and makes me feel like I’m listening to the guy in the Old Spice commercials with that deep voice.  This ‘Macho Mocha’ Mangave has been moved around my garden quite a bit- probably four times before it found it’s latest home in the full full full sun bed- did I mention it gets lots of sun?  Anyway, frost damage from Old Man Winter led to a little leaf trimming from me.  It promptly responded by sending up a spike.  Here it is just starting out.

And it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Here’s the top of it as it was growing.

A gorgeous plant whether it is blooming or not.  I personally love the purple “freckles” on it. 

Finally, at about 11 feet tall, it started to bloom.  Nothing like the yuccas with their white petals.  Everything is about fine details with this plant, from it’s purple speckles on the leaves to the filaments that come out on the bloom spike.


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