>Veggies ho!!!!


The veggie garden is rockin and rollin and I just love it.  This is a great time of year when the plants are so robust but not overgrown and rude like they will feel about a month from now as I struggle to keep tomato cages from falling over and the hot weather stresses the cucumbers and makes them look sick.  Right now everything is just green.  The rebuilt garden is working out fantastic with the drip irrigation reinstalled as well.  Not only are the transplant and seeds I put in this year doing well, I am also having little seeds from past years coming up that must have gotten to the right spot with the turnover of the dirt during the rebuild.  I probably have about 5 VOLUNTEER tomato plants in addition to the 12 or so I planted on purpose.

I AM growing other things in addition to tomatoes, but I just happened to get the best photos of the tomatoes this morning.  Tomatillos, squash, cucumbers- japanese and pickling size, green peppers, and peas.

But I have to admit, the tomatoes are the queens of the crop right now. I think I may go on an all tomato diet for my lunches, just sit there and eat them sprinkled with salt.

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