We want more!


It’s the end of summer and a lot of the warmer season vegetables are winding down here in Texas.  The constant heat sometimes gets them, giving them little time to rest, even at night.  Or the hot and dry weather often brings on infestations like spider mites that stress out the plant. 


But one of the nice things about living here is that we have TWO warm vegetable seasons- one from March-July and another starting in August until it freezes.  So right now is a great time to re-plant those warm season veggies.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans, peppers… 


And once the stress of the summer heat lets up a bit, those fall crops can really take off and produce like crazy.  If my tomato plants are still going strong, sometimes I will cut them back by half and they’ll get more energy for the fall.  But many times, the plants are so stressed and spent by August, I find it best to just replace them 

And who can say no to another crop of tomatoes?


3 thoughts on “We want more!

    • Thanks Gwen. I’m in Austin and don’t worry, we are feeling crispy here too. Many of these pictures are from a school garden I help maintain. But that’s why I love August, time to take out the crispy veggie plants and put in some new ones for a second chance!

  1. I admire your veggie garden talent! I’d like to plant more edibles but am short of space…maybe that will be my dilemma project when I host a go-go. Hope to see you in the Titan garden soon!

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