The hardest season I know…

This time of year is my favorite.  I’ve always been a fall weather girl.  I like the colors in nature and in fashion.  I love the cooler weather.  And cozying up with soups and stews is right up my alley.  But it is also the hardest season of the year for me.  The warm season vegetable garden is not only hanging on but much of it is downright gorgeous right now and the cooler season vegetables need to go in.  So where do you draw the line?  When is it time to call it quits on warm and move to cool?

And that’s where I have trouble.  I HATE pulling out anything that is alive.  At the school garden the other day, I physically could not pull out a tomato plant that was still alive.  I had to ask another volunteer to do it for me.  She just laughed, counted down and yanked it out.  I had hemmed and hawed for weeks about whether I should do that.  But here we had it, an empty patch of dirt now just waiting for the lettuce seeds to be planted by lots of tiny hands.  A perfect time to plan to give them warmth and moisture with no danger of frost. 


But I am determined to become better at it, watch the calendar, not hang onto things because the might still produce.  Make way for better things and start my seasons off strong.  And why not, if it gives me fresh lettuce for my salad to accompany that delightful chilly day pot roast!


One thought on “The hardest season I know…

  1. Don’t worry – i can’t pull out healthy plants either…if they’re sickly or not producing, they’ll get yanked. But I can’t pull out the peppers just yet – they’re just producing too much for me to do it.

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