2012 Inside Austin Gardens Tour preview: Matthews and Doyle gardens

As I continue the preview of 5 of the gardens on the Inside Austin Gardens tour, I want to point out that there are 7 total gardens on the tour.  The two I won’t be covering are the Kastl garden and the Demonstration Garden maintained by the Travis County Master Gardeners.  Both gardens showcase wonderful example of smart gardening techniques such as Firewise considerations to minimize the risk of fire promotion by the landscape surrounding a home and water-wise gardening techniques including rainwater harvesting and drip irrigation.  More information on garden locations, tour hours and tickets can be found at www.insideaustingardens.org

When you visit the side-by-side Matthews and Doyle gardens, you’re struck by color and shapes.  Everywhere you look, bold color is utilized and shapes are carved out of the landscapes or integrated into them.  These gardens are playful and full of whimsy. Just the kind you want backing up to a school- which both do.  I can imagine those kids looking through the fences and wishing they could pay a visit. 



Here, a bottle tree centers the wheel-shaped garden with a Mexican bush sage performing beautifully to the side. 


A blue gate continues the hit of color through the garden. 


The colors continue in the Doyle garden with a bottle-and-everything-else tree. 


Geometric shapes form a path through decomposed granite in the lawnless front yard.  Rosemary creates a gorgeous edging all around this space. 



Fun additions like these lanterns draw your eyes up, down and all around. 


Stars add even more pizazz to the Doyle outdoor area. 

These two gardens play off of each other in their love for anything fun.  They are wonderful gardens to visit if you need to break out of feeling constrained by normal gardening techniques and design.  You can’t help but want to add a bit more color and fun to your own garden once you explore all the inspiration these two gardens have to offer. 

Inside Austin Gardens Tour  sponsored by the Travis County Master Gardeners and Texas Agrilife Extension of Travis County

Date: October 20, 2012
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Tickets for the tour (all of the gardens) are $15 in advance, or $20 on the day of the tour ($5 for individual gardens).

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