2012 Inside Austin Gardens Tour: Studebaker Garden

The final garden on the Inside Austin Gardens Tour that I will be previewing is Renee Studebaker’s garden.  The tour is coming up on October 20.  More information can be found at www.insideaustingardens.org

The Studebaker garden is a garden of creation and repurpose.  Renee has done a great job of incorporating many found objects that she has created new uses for in her garden, whether it be for a grape vine to climb on, a welcoming entrance to a new section of the garden or a cool spot for birds to perch.

DSC00125And Renee has created a garden that shows off its small spaces, areas to explore, sit, share a meal with friends. And by the way, all of the gardens on the tour feature small education sessions happening at scheduled times during the day. Renee Studebaker herself will be teaching a session called Grow Your Own Party Appetizers. If the amazing ratatouille she served us from her garden harvest is any indication, I would make sure you’re there for this short session. Times can be seen at www.insideaustingardens.org


This garden is a festival for pollinators.  I spied these two on the basil happily moving from flower to flower with plenty to go around.


Passion vine is always an eye catcher and this one was no exception.  Passion vine supports the gulf fritillary butterly’s life cycle. 


Repurposed lion’s heads greet you entering a new section of the garden. 


Lion’s tail offers fun texture, color and shape. 


And a pond with a resident Buddha offers a cool place for visitors, both birds and people.  Birds kept constantly slitting down during our visit to splash around. 

Renee Studebaker’s garden reinforced to me the idea that gardens don’t have to be huge to be useful.  And they don’t have to have a traditional feel.  But they do need to reflect a personality of the gardener- it seems that those gardens are some of the most impactful to their visitors.  And I think all of the gardens on this tour do a great job of creating that impact. 

Inside Austin Gardens Tour  sponsored by the Travis County Master Gardeners and Texas Agrilife Extension of Travis County

Date: October 20, 2012
Time: 9 am to 4 pm
Tickets for the tour (all of the gardens) are $15 in advance, or $20 on the day of the tour ($5 for individual gardens).

2 thoughts on “2012 Inside Austin Gardens Tour: Studebaker Garden

  1. I loved walking through the garden with you, the photos you used were great. I love the concept of incorporating found objects as art or supporting elements in a garden. Thank you for the post.

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