>Showstopping purple!


Click on the picture to get a better view!

This is the view approaching my house- and there’s a little extra oomph tho this view this morning.  That’s because our Cenizo (Texas Sage) on the corner has burst into a vivid display of purple this morning. These bushes are about 10′ tall and a good 25′ across, so it is quite a sight.

I noticed a few days ago that the Cenizos bloom was sneaking up on us.  As I was waiting for Jack’s bus, I saw little white buds all over the bushes.  These bushes usually have a huge bloom around the time we have a big rain, especially if a dry season has preceded it.  Well, we definitely had a downpour thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine (14″) and not much rain prior to that so the conditions were perfect.

I love Cenizos.  Drought tolerant once established, deer resistant, and regular displays of color.  I think we might have a variety called Green Cloud as ours are not as silvery-gray and many that I see around town.  There are also varieties that bloom a bit bluer and some that bloom white.

I convinced my parents to plant some of these in their backyard in Dallas and wouldn’t you know it they were rewarded with blooms just a few weeks later.  A great addition to any Texas landscape!