August almost here…


So amazing to wake up and find August almost here.  This summer has been a breeze compared to the horrible drought of last year.  My god, I even have pictures of my kids playing in the rain this summer.  But it doesn’t mean Mother Nature hasn’t turned up the thermostat and blasted us.  In fact, the last few weeks have started that icky feeling I get when the humidity has dropped way too low and everything starts to feel like a tinderbox. 

But now that we are almost in August, it is time to get ready for Fall.  Tomatoes need to be cut back by half or replaced to give them new vigor for a fall crop.  Perhaps some new cucumber plants will go in and the pumpkin sprouts are coming up.  The school garden got a little work this weekend with weeding and pruning to get it in tip top shape for the beginning of school.  Check out some of our flowers in the native garden there:



The vegetable gardens are doing incredible:


The lawn recovered nicely with the last rains a few weeks ago and is actually growing.  That means I can replenish the grass supply in the compost bins.  Get that temperature to climb back up with a fresh supply of “green” in the bin. 

I’ll be contemplating some new designs for my backyard- really more structural but it will mean some big changes in the long run.  We keep toying with the idea of a porch or arbor, but summoning up the energy to deal with a project like that is hard with the heat and kids around.  But that will all change soon…