>February Bloom Day

>February bloom day already?? OK Carol. I’ll get on it.

I’m almost to the point where I can work in the yard without collapsing into a hacking fit, after battling the flu and a sinus infection. The flu has swept through Austin like gangbusters this year. And apparently it all seems to be a strain not contained in the flu shot. Lovely.

But back to what I was saying…oh yeah, no hacking. So faced with that and the impending doom of a rainy windy weekend, today was the day to dash out and see what is blooming.

My camellia is still going strong. Lovely pink to orangish-pink flowers all over and buds following that. So looks like I have a few more weeks of camellia joy.

My mutabilis rose has two blooms on them. One a pale pink and one a dark pink. Just showing you the color change that happens on mutabilis, ranging from dark pink to white.

Nandina continues to sport berries all over.

As does the yaupon tree out front.

A red salvia in my front yard is giving me some scarlet blooms.

Finally, my lorepetelum (Chinese fringe flower)have bloomed. I have both a plum and green leaf variety. And I have them alternating in my front bed. I always feel like the plant has just broken out into fiesta when it blooms as it reminds me of those Mexican paper poppers that explode streamers when you pop them.

As I said, rain and wind this weekend in Austin. Fine with me as we could use a little rain to distance ourselves from the wildfire risk we have been under because of dry conditions.

>More inspiring content than mine…with a lot less phlegm!

>It’s nasty here…kids have been home all week with the flu which also struck both me and my husband. Nothing worse than taking care of sick kids while you are sick. We surely would have perished if not for my mother-in-law dropping off provisions each night.

But take a look at Vicki at Playin’ Outside who’s writing some really inspiring content on rainwater harvesting. I know, “no thanks, it’s not for me. But you’ve got to check Vicki’s harvesting adventure out. She just rolled a 1600 gallon tank into her backyard, for goodness sake. I’m hooked. It’s my new reality show!