>Ch ch ch ch changes…

> Last Sunday was my birthday. It was a great day and I got plenty of fun gifts- homemade cards from the kids, yoga sandals from my mom. And a gorgeous rangoon creeper from my in-laws. I have never seen one before, byt my MIL saw one at Barton Springs nursery, growing in the ground, and decided I (and she) had to have one. So she ordered two. Here is a description from online:

Quisqualis indica is a evergreen (in warmer climates) creeping shrub that can reach as much as 70 feet in tropical climates. Rangoon Creeper flowers throughout the summer with fragrant blossoms (especially at night) that open white, darken to pink and eventually red. This plant needs support for growing and is very useful in covering fences, trellis supports, and walls.

Another name for the rangoon creeper is Drunker Sailor. Yeah, I’m not sure either. But these flowers, they are so cool. They come in bunches and they change from white through pink, all the way to red, so you will have different color flowers in a bunch. Plus the fragrance. I am totally a gardener driven by her nose. That’s why I like moonflower and jasmine so much. And Rangoon creeper smells like, well, a cross between orange and banana. I decided it had to go outside of my bedroom window.

And what does that mean? Moonflower massacre. I know, I love them too. But I have two posts with moonflower and they will soon die in the cold weather. So I’d rather remove one and get the creeeper on there to settle in before cold weather.

So in I went with the shears and man, was that vine wrapped around and around. I filled up an entire large garbage can with the moonflower. And then popped the creeper into the ground behind the post so it could start to settle it’s roots in. It will freeze to the ground once frost comes, but should grow back in spring.

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5 thoughts on “>Ch ch ch ch changes…

  1. >Sounds like you had a great day – and a great new plant to go along with it. Let us know how it goes — and did you plant it inside or outside the deer fence?

  2. >I saw this plant in the Canary Island Tenerife once. It was about 3m high and in full bloom. The scent was overwhelmingly beautiful. I don’t think I can grow it here in Germany, though – too cold in Winter. Enjoy that plant, it’s stunning!

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