>Yet another pathway

>Well, this is certainly the year of the pathway for me. And while my newest addition certainly was not as intense a job as the others I built this year.

My newest path was to be simple stepping stones going across the new native/adapted bed. The stones themselves are all from our property and have been sitting in piles in the unplanted portion of the bed as well as beside where my husband parks his truck, to his great delight. Some cool-er weather- just in the low 90s- inspired me to get to work on this project, so I cleared away the mulch and dirt from the intended path and set about laying the stones.

Parden the dirtiness in the picture, but by the time I was done, I was so hot and a bit sore from bending over and picking up rocks that I just could not stomach bending over to brush dirt off of each rock. You understand, you’re a gardener. You like dirt, right?

Thanks for understanding.


9 thoughts on “>Yet another pathway

  1. >I like your knew pathway – this year has been a path year for me aswell, I do have a question based on this photo:What is the plant way down on the path on the right? Looks too large to be rosemary.ESP.

  2. > Thanks all for your comments. To answer a few, I have not quite decided what I will be planting. Whatever it is must be highly deer resistant. In fact, right now I am doing a test with some bulbine divisions to see how much the deer like them or if they will just sample, then leave them alone. I’ll definitely add some grasses and I have thrown some more white allium seeds around. East-side-patch, the plant down on the right of the pathway is indeerd a rosemary. And old one that was here when we moved in. It is in quite the wrong spot , too little sun, too much water. There were two others that died with similar conditions. But this one is BIG and holding its own!

  3. >Bonnie – I like the new pathway – it holds such promise. As you know, I like all sorts of pathways. My deer eat my bulbine, so I can’t plant them out in the wild area. My deer have been satisfied lately with my Malabar spinach!

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