>I was out in the garden the other day. I had just missed the morning light that is so kind in photos but wanted to shoot a few things in bloom. It was only when I came in and looked at the shots that I saw I had shot all yellows and oranges, super-bright from the afternoon sun. I mean, just put on your sunglasses now, before you get blinded by these shots.

First, my climbing rose. Seems a bit leggy this year, but who can compare with last year when we had a 6 month-long Fall and no summer.

Next, my zinnia, all multicolored, but I love the light oranges with their orange center. These have reseeded every year since I moved in, a kind pass along from the previous owner. Drought or showers, hot or really hot, they make their appearance.

And finally, Esperanza. First year in my garden and they are looking wonderful. Big clusters of yellow flowers. These can get tall, up to 10 ft, so they are in the back of the big bed. A perfect backdrop.

Now, please go rest your eyes and thank them for letting you see lovely yellows.

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8 thoughts on “>Yikes-yellows!

  1. >I love yellow in a garden, and you have some very nice yellow flowers blooming. Yellow is so cheery, esp. on cloudy days.JanAlways Growing

  2. >They are delightful flowers and your photographs clearly show us. I like yellow in a garden…there is something sweet about a yellow rose.Gail

  3. >Whew – they are hot! Love love love the Zinnias – they are so pretty and some of my favorites. And your yellow rose of Texas is lovely. I have a lot of yellow in my garden, too…not sure I really planned it that way — did you?pdmrn

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