>Level Orange Arachnophobia

> John and I were watching the debate last night and something caught John’s attention out of the corner of his eye. Next thing I hear “Holy sh*t!” and John jumping off the couch. Seems a little tarantula had joined us to watch the debate. John scooped it into a bucket and brought it back outside.

It’s one thing I have had to get used to out here. The deer eating plants I can handle. But finding scorpions and tarantulas inside your house is another level. And they’re not all babies.

Like this one
that was crawling up the side of the house. Or the big tarantula that came scurrying towards John one night as he was working in the garage. And they are FAST.

The scorpions I heave learned to deal with calmly, simply grabbing a bottle of Clorox spray cleaner and giving them a spritz. They curl up and die within seconds. Don’t give me any crap about it either. I’m an insect wimp and there will be no samaritan-carrying-bug-outside-for-good-of-mankind action if I have to do it.

But those spiders? No way, Not even in my ballpark. I think I even signed a pre-nup that stipulated “Spouse will not expect Bonnie to touch, rescue or squish any spider. All responsibility for such actions shall remain completely with the spouse. “


7 thoughts on “>Level Orange Arachnophobia

  1. >Hey – I think I signed that pre-nup, too, only my hubby travels and our creepy crawlies seem to conspire to show up when he’s out of town. I nab the scorpions with needle-nosed pliers and squeeze them in half as I flush them down the toilet! Knock wood, we’ve never had a tarantula…ewwwwwwww.

  2. >Bonnie,I hate scorpions! Spiders I can rescue, not sure about the Tarantulas, though! Did I say, I hate scorpions! I do! Really! I can’t think what purpose they hold in the circle of life!Gail

  3. >You can kill the scorpions but I’m glad you let the Tarantula live. They are really good guys. They eat lots of crickets. I had one for a pet as a kid. Fed it crickets, of course. Played with it all the time. I don’t know what you would have to do to get one to bite as they are just so nice.

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